Farewell Flower Prices 

I create many different designs for each individual farewell tribute and all are made with Eco friendly foam or bases.

 I have put together a price list to make it the process easier and more convenient.

Please contact me further to discuss, as every tribute I make is unique to each client. 

Coffin Tops

Seasonal Flowers £30 per foot

spring funeral.jpg
wild flowers coffin top.jpg

Wildflowers  £35 per foot

Rose & Carnation £40 per foot


Roses & Foliage £50 per foot

Lilly's & Foliage £50 per foot



15" open heart filled with seasonal flowers £85

15" open heart filled with roses £100

15" Chrysanth open heart with spray £85

17" open heart with seasonal flowers £95

17" open heart filled with roses £115

17" open heart  with chrysanths £95


funeral flowers.jpg
funeral flowers 2.jpg

Here is a small selection of sprays I have created for clients, however I can make up any spray with any colour or flowers.             

 Prices start from £40

Mum/Dad Lettering

kate flowers 19.jpg

MUM/DAD lettering in White Chrysanths and posy £40 per letter

MUM/DAD lettering in loose flowers £45 per letter

MUM/DAD lettering in roses £50 per letter

MUM/DAD lettering in carnations £80 per letter

Posies & Wreaths


10"  from £40

12" from £50

16"from £70

 Living Planters

A hand made wicker based frame, covered in moss and planted up with seasonal delights!

Heart Design From £65

Star Design From £65

Wreath Design From £50


A 12 foot garland made with fresh foliage £85

A 12 foot garland made with fresh foliage and gyp £120

A 12 foot garland of foliage and flowers £250


I can create many different designs in many different colours and all my work is biodegradable and earth friendly.

I only use biodegradable foams and frames.

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